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Hiline Aqua Cool - Pre-insulated Process Cooling Pipe System

A rigid pre-insulated polymer pipe system for process cooling applications


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Hiline Aqua Cool is a complete, pre-insulated polymer pipe system specifically developed for the safe and efficient conveyance of cooling media for environment control and industrial process applications. Its bonded, composite construction offers outstanding thermal performance coupled with exceptional levels of reliability and operating at temperatures down to minus 40°C.

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Available Dimensions

5m, 6m and 12m lengths

Service Pipe
Series 1 Insulation
  OD ID (PN10 SDR17.6) ID (PN16 SDR11) Casing
  d   s D
  mm mm mm mm
20/90 20 n/a 16.2 90
25/90 25 21.4 20.4 90
32/90 32 28.4 26.2 90
40/110 40 35.4 32.6 110
50/110 50 44.2 40.8 110
63/125 63 55.8 51.4 125
75/140 75 66.4 61.4 140
90/160 90 79.8 73.6 160
110/200 110 97.4 90.0 200
125/200 125 110.8 102.8 200
160/250 160 141.8 130.8 250
200/315 200 177.2 163.6 315
250/355 250 221.6 204.6 355
315/400 315 279.2 257.8 400

Service Pipe (PE100) 

As standard, Hiline Aqua Cool is offered with a high-performance PE100 service pipe as PN10 rated (SDR17.6) or PN16 rated (SDR11) and fully in accordance with DIN 8074. PE100 can be offered ‘Kitemarked’ and as WRAS-approved material. PE100 material offers excellent mechanical performance, impact resistance and chemical resistance with a temperature range from -40° to +60°C. Hiline Aqua Cool can also be offered with alternative service pipe materials including PP and ABS.

outer casing 600x400Tough Outer Casing

Manufactured in HDPE to the requirements of the EN253 standards, the tough and resilient outer casing enables the pipe to be buried directly in the ground – so ensuring the network’s insulation integrity is maintained throughout its service life. When installing a network in contaminated ground, a barrier casing can also be specified.

High-Performance Insulation

A layer of CFC-free rigid polyurethane foam provides outstanding insulation properties, with values of 0.022 W/mK and with the insulation thickness according to the Series 1 requirements of EN 253. With the service pipe and outer casing being bonded together by the foam insulation, the system far out-performs other systems with an air gap. With this increased efficiency, comes lower heat loss and therefore a saving in both operational costs and carbon emissions.

For even greater efficiency, Hiline Aqua Cool pipe systems are also available with increased insulation thickness to series 2 and series 3.


Complete System

industrial plant 600x400Hiline Aqua Cool has a comprehensive range of pre-fabricated bends, tees, fittings and accessories that enable it to be adapted to meet all possible configurations – including transitions to other types of pre-insulated pipe systems – such as Hiline Steel or Hiline Flex. Hiline Aqua Cool can be offered as off-site prefabricated fittings and spool assemblies to meet a client’s bespoke requirements – significantly reducing installation time and cost.

Robust and Adaptable Joints

The Hiline Aqua Cool PE service pipe is perfect for thermoplastic welding techniques, including electro fusion, butt fusion and socket fusion.

The HDPE outer casing can be joined using the proven Hiline range of wrap-around heat-shrink or electro-fusion couplings to ensure the very tightest of joints to protect against the ingress of ground water.

Trace Heating and Electronic Surveillance Options

All of the Hiline Aqua Cool range is available with the option of integrated trace heating cables to protect the media temperate and electronic surveillance systems that warn of moisture ingress into the insulation.


Hiline Aqua pre-insulated pipes and fittings for thermal utilities are manufactured within an ISO 9001 accredited environment, generally in accordance with the requirements of EN 253 and in compliance with EN 448, EN 488, EN 489 and EN 13941


World-Class Support

At CPV we pride ourselves by the way in which we support our customers – from the moment that they first contact us through to their long-term operation and maintenance of a pre-insulated pipe network. As manufacturer, it’s important to us to ensure that our systems deliver exceptional performance throughout their working life. Therefore, we have established an array of world-class support services that help our clients every step of the way.

Design and Stress Analysis

designing district heating systems 400x167There are many factors that will affect the long-term integrity of a pre-insulated pipe system. Correctly identifying and dealing with the potential for thermal expansion of the pipe system is a critical element of the design process and we employ state-of-the-art sisKMR specialist stress analysis software. This package allows us to configure the pipe routes to keep the thermal expansion within safe limits and conform to the requirements of the EN 13941 standard for Design and installation of pre-insulated bonded pipe systems for district heating. Please click this link to find out more about our advanced stress analysis service for district heating pipe networks.


Training installers, supervisors and maintenance operatives, our brand new training centre allows for not only the theory, but hands-on practical experience in the correct method for installing the Hiline pipe systems. In addition to this, we also offer training courses in the design, installation, commissioning and maintenance of electronic surveillance systems – including the use of our own buried pipe network, on which we can simulate moisture faults as part of the practical training.

Tool sales and hire

We offer both the sale and short-term hire of all the specialist tools required to install the Hiline pipe system.

Trace and Maintained Heating Systems Support

In temperature-critical, special applications that require round-the-clock maintenance of a specific media temperature, we can supply the Hiline pipe system with Trace or Maintained Heating systems.

On-site support services

Whether it’s on-site training, site supervision or specialist advice, support and maintenance – our engineers are at hand to provide customer support as and when required.