Examples of Custom Extrusion Products

CPV can extrude custom plastic tubes to a vast array of customer specifications, from a range of thermoplastic materials - including polypropylene, polyethylene, ABS and PVDF. 

Smooth Cable Ducting

Typically made from High Density Polyethylene (HDPE) our smooth cable ducting is available in a range of colours to suit the application. Easy-fit couplers are provided as standard and we can overprint any required text onto the surface of the duct.

Low Pressure Pipes

Irrigation Tube

A range of solid-wall plastic irrigation tubes made from Medium Density Polyethylene (MDPE), these tubes have excellent flexibility and outstanding chemical resistance. Their low weight and good mechanical properties offer advantages compared to other materials. UV stable, the pipes are also resistant to low temperatures.
We can manufacture pipes in accordance with relevant standards and customers’ specific dimensional requirements.

Pressure Pipe

Utilising High, Medium or Low-density Polyethylene (HDPE, MDPE or LDPE), we can provide a range of sizes to meet the requirements of DIN standards, or custom dimensions as required.

Pump Delivery

A range of solid-wall plastic water pipe made from Low Density Polyethylene (LDPE), we manufacture the dimensions to ensure a proper fit with lever-type pump couplings. The polymer configuration and black colour provide maximum UV and weather resistance.
Perfectly suited to conveying slack water and light slurry, the pipes are pressure tested to meet the demands of most pump delivery applications.

Waste Pipes

Solvent Waste Pipe

A range of waste and pressure pipes made from Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene (ABS). Exhibiting excellent impact strength and chemical resistance, these pipes are biologically inert and non-toxic.
Ideal for use at low temperatures (-40°C), the pipes can be supplied in a range of colours, but typically white, grey and black. Typically joined using solvent cement, the pipe also has good machining qualities, lending itself to threaded jointing techniques.

Push-fit Waste Pipe

For speed and economy, our Polypropylene (PP) push-fit waste pipes offer great advantages. Manufactured to the dimensional tolerances of BS5254, it is compatible with most proprietary brands of fittings. Available in standard colours of white, olive grey, standard grey and black, we can also overprint it with text and logos.

Packaging Items

Core Tubes

Available in a variety of materials, including PP, HDPE and ABS, our core tubes are the perfect and long-lasting alternative to the traditional cardboard/paper type. They provide good strength and durability for a multitude of uses, including winding of yarn, thread, plastics, adhesive and insulation tapes, paper, boards, food grade films, fabrics and carpets.
We can manufacture the core tubes to meet specific requirements to diameter, wall thickness and length.

Spools / Bobbins

We can offer a complete custom range of spools and bobbins for a variety of applications. Using materials such as Polypropylene, ABS and Polyethylene – in overall diameters from 25mm up to 450mm with core diameters up to 200mm.

Clear Tubes

We can manufacture crystal-clear tubes for a variety of uses. We can offer food-grade materials or those where high impact strength is required.

Packaging Tubes

To fit a range of applications, such as documents, maps and artwork, our tubes can be manufactured in a range of dimensions and lengths and can be supplied with suitable cap ends to offer complete protection.


Floating booms and fenders

Constructed to assist in the containment of contaminants and pollution in water, our floating booms can be manufactured to a range of dimensions, lengths and profiles – according to the requirement of the application.

Floating reed islands

Utilising frames constructed from 110mm diameter polypropylene tubes, these reed islands provide buoyancy for reeds and grasses that provide habitat for wildlife in nature reserves – particularly areas that have been reclaimed from former industrial use.

Tree guards

Protecting trees, our tree guard provide much-needed space for a sapling or young tree to develop. Available in a range of sizes and lengths


Cheese Production Tubes

We have produced plastic tubes for the manufacture of cheese in fully-approved food-grade thermoplastic materials. Please contact us for further information.

Sports and Leisure

Show Jump Poles (Equine and Canine)

Manufactured from a choice of tough polypropylene or HDPE, our show jumping poles are built to be resilient and made to last in the rough and tumble of a show-jumping environment.
We can extrude a variety of sections, including round, square, rectangle and D-shaped – with wall thicknesses and lengths according to specific requirements.
Available in a range of colours, all colour-fast and providing excellent UV stability, our poles have been widely used throughout the equestrian sector.

Racecourse Railings

Extruded tubes which are bent to form a curve at one end – they are available in a range of materials. 

Hula Hoops

We can produce tubes in dimensions and materials suitable for the manufacture of traditional hula-hoop tubes commonly used for children’s play and adult fitness. A vast range of colours are available to suit individual requirements.

Fishing Rod Tubes

Protecting fishing rods of various lengths and dimensions, our thermoplastic tubes and ends provide the perfect environment to keep rods safe during transit and storage. Available in a range of colours and materials.

Materials Handling

Conveyor Rollers

Available in a choice of durable materials with low-frictional properties and high abrasion resistance, our conveyor rollers provide impressive performance and low cost alternatives to metal-based alternatives.
We also offer selection of extruded tubes with exterior splines for use on conveyor systems. Please contact us to discuss your specific requirements.

Fencing and Traffic Management

Traffic posts and Barrier Fences

We can manufacture traffic posts and barrier fence tubes in a choice of sections – including round, square/rectangular and d-shaped – according to the specific requirements.

Utilities and Building Services

Gas pipe sleeving

Protecting gas pipes where they pass through building structures, we can manufacture gas pipe sleeving to a range of dimensions and wall thicknesses to meet the specific demands of a site and the relevant building regulations.

Smoke Aspiration Pipes

We can manufacture a system of smoke aspiration pipes and fittings to be used in conjunction with smoke detection systems. Typically using ABS, we can produce tailored dimensions and colours to meet the need of a site’s specific requirements and any relevant building regulations.

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