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Please find below details of any current job vacancies at CPV Ltd. Should you wish to apply for any of the positions listed, please email a copy of your current CV along with an accompanying letter to the contact specified in the vacancy details.

Plastic Fabricator and Pre-Insulation Operative (Trainee)

A vacancy has arisen for a trainee Plastic Fabricator and Pre-Insulation Operative to join our company.  This is an exciting career opportunity for the right candidate, which should help them to develop a career in plastic fabrication for cutting-edge products.

You'll be working as part of a team based in a modern and progressive production facility, nestled in the leafy edges of the New Forest, close to the beautiful Hampshire town of Romsey. Founded in 1948, CPV Ltd helped pioneer the development of thermoplastic pipe systems and is still committed to driving forward innovation in products, services and manufacturing techniques. CPV offers a fantastic, world-class environment in which to develop your career. 

You'll be producing pipework solutions for a wide array of applications including pre-insulated pipe systems for district heating and cooling networks. 

Job title

Plastic Fabricator and Pre-Insulation Operative  (Trainee)


£8.85 to £9.06 per hour (circa £21,000 to £21,500 per annum) 

Hours of work

Your normal days and hours of work are Monday to Thursday from 7.30am to 5.00pm and Friday from 7.30am to 4pm. You will be entitled to a 30 minute unpaid lunch break and two 10 minute tea breaks each day. Breaks are to be taken at times to suit operational requirements. The normal hours include 39 hours at the basic rate plus 5 hours overtime at 1.33 (1 hour each day) = 44 hours per week


The Company will require you to perform a reasonable amount of work outside your normal hours which is classed as additional overtime, and dependant on the needs of the business. Overtime work is paid at enhanced rates of pay according to the duration.

Holiday Entitlement

25 days' paid annual leave plus public holidays (currently 8 days)

Site Work

From time to time you will be required to attend site to carry out your duties and this may involve staying away overnight

Reporting to

Team Leader

Job purpose 

The trainee is undertaking a skilled engineering role that is essentially a manually driven exercise where close attention to detail and the human element is crucial to achieve a quality end product by learning all aspects of thermoplastic welding and jointing techniques including: Socket fusion, Butt fusion, Electrofusion, Hot gas filler rod welding, Extrusion welding, Injection welding, Heat activated mastic jointing, Heat shrinking processes and Solvent jointing and to gain an understanding of other welding techniques including: Friction welding, Infa-red welding, Ultrasonic welding and Induction welding. The trainee is also required to learn all aspects of pre-insulation techniques using two part polyurethane components, injected by machine or mixed and poured by hand, moulded polyurethane foam components and other insulation materials

Main duties

The candidate will be expected to learn and understand the following techniques:

  • Working from engineering drawings to construct plastic pipe assemblies, tanks and vessels
  • Read and interpret engineering drawings, specifications and production work orders
  • Create and use templates and jigs
  • Fabricate, assemble, form, reshape, rework and repair plastic products
  • Mark out sheets and pipes using measuring and marking instruments
  • Construct pipe spools, tanks and vessels using various cutting, drilling and bending tools including: power saws, routers, planes, sanders, knives, scrapers and bending devices
  • Use plastic welding equipment to manufacture and construct fabricated items
  • Understand plastics and bonding techniques using specialist precision tools and equipment
  • Cut and prepare pipes, fittings and sheets for welding
  • Assemble plastic components by using various welding and jointing techniques
  • Carry out weld testing and inspection
  • Pre-insulate pipe assemblies, tanks and vessels using PUR foam and other insulation materials
  • Assist other fabricators when required
  • Keep work area clean and tidy at all times


  • Successful completion of an Apprenticeship in an engineering discipline or have achieved a relevant level 2 or 3 engineering qualification
  • GCSE Maths and a Science qualification
  • An IT qualification in Microsoft Office; Word, Excel and Outlook


A good awareness of using hand tools and hand power tools and able to learn to operate workshop tools and equipment. Many of the tools and equipment are similar to those used by carpenters, metal fabricators and pipe fitters. The candidate must learn to interpret engineering drawings and accurately measure and mark out components for fabrication.


Some understanding of the basic principles of the properties and uses of thermoplastics and thermosetting plastics would be advantageous.

Tools of the trade

  • Thermoplastic welding and jointing equipment
  • PUF foaming equipment
  • Hand and power tools
  • Precision measuring tools
  • Pillar drills, grinders and sanders
  • Table, pipe and wall saws
  • Pipe benders and forming tools
  • Hot air and propane gas torches
  • Fork truck and overhead crane


  • Able to apply common sense and understanding to carry out instructions
  • Good oral and written communication skills
  • Manual dexterity and good eyesight are essential
  • Accurate and methodical
  • Mechanical aptitude


  • Enthusiastic approach to learning new skills
  • Able to follow instructions as many plastic fabrication skills are learnt through on-the-job training
  • Able to work in a team
  • Conscientious, polite and adaptable

Additional Information

  • This role employs similar skills and tools to those of carpenters and sheet metal fabricators, so a cross-over from these trades would be relatively straight forward with adequate training
  • There will be some manual handling of materials and equipment and some exposure to solvents and insulation component chemicals
  • On occasions there is also a requirement to work in confined spaces and at high elevations
  • While performing the duties of this role there will be some exposure to moving material and equipment by hand
  • Maintaining adherence to production and processing procedures
  • Adhere to all Health and Safety procedures and requirements
  • This is an outline Job Description and employees are expected to undertake other duties as directed

Additional Duties

In addition to your primary role, you may on occasion be required to support, or indeed be seconded to, other areas of the business as instructed. You may also be required to take on additional duties such as:

  • First Aid Monitor
  • Fork Truck Driver
  • Internal Auditor
  • Fire Marshall
  • Health and Safety Monitor

You will receive full training for any of these duties assigned to you, and once fully trained they will become included in your contracted work routine and responsibilities. 

About us

Founded in 1948, CPV is part of a family-owned group of manufacturing businesses with over 60 years' experience in the plastics and industrial piping industries. The company was a pioneer in the development of thermoplastic pipe systems and is still committed to driving forward innovation in products, services and manufacturing techniques. Over the years, CPV has become a world-class manufacturer of engineering pipework solutions for a wide array of applications including corrosion resistant pipe systems for chemical and hazardous media and pre-insulated pipe systems for district heating and cooling networks. 

To Apply

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