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An Introduction to CPV

It’s hard to believe that the best part of seven decades has passed since our company was founded by my father back in 1949. It was the year that saw the maiden flight of the de Havilland Comet - the world's first passenger jet, BBC television finally started to be broadcast outside London and Britain signed the North Atlantic Treaty - creating NATO.

The world has changed immeasurably in the years that have ensued and the Chemical Pipe and Vessel Company, as it was known back in the early days, has itself experienced its fair share of change. However, some things have remained the same, namely, our guiding principles and the ethos that have helped CPV to become a world-class manufacturer of engineering pipework solutions for a wide array of applications, including corrosion-resistant pipe solutions and pre-insulated pipe systems for district heating applications.


CPV was a pioneer in the development of thermoplastic pipe systems and, to this day, we are still committed to driving forward innovation in products, services and manufacturing techniques. This not only improves the way in which our products perform, but it often lowers our clients’ capital and operational expenditure.

A friendly, family-run concern

Although we have steadily grown over the years to become an international group of companies, we have made a determined effort to retain our closely-held values as a friendly, family-run business. This filters through every aspect of the CPV Group, to the mutual benefit of our clients, employees, suppliers and associates. The markets in which we operate remain dynamic and, as environmental concerns grow ever-stronger, the demand for our state-of-the-art pipe systems continues to increase.

Thank you for taking the time to read this introduction, the remainder of this website will provide you with a host of information on our company and just how it can assist you with your projects and applications.

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Bev Boag, Chairman, CPV Group

A World-Class Company

We operate in a wide array of sectors, with products satisfying many applications, most of which concern engineering pipe solutions for aggressive, corrosive, hot, chilled and potable liquids.

Our state-of-the-art production facility - based at the site of our headquarters near Romsey in Hampshire - is backed by a comprehensive selection of research, design, engineering, testing, quality, training and support services; ensuring the perfect marriage between our products and the applications they serve.

Product Solutions

Since our inception in 1949, we have regularly led the way in the research and development of pipe systems, tanks and vessels. Our current range encompasses:

  •  Pre-insulated Pipe Systems
  •  Chemical and Hazardous Drainage Systems
  •  Pressure Pipe Systems
  •  Custom Extrusions
  •  Custom Thermoplastic Fabrications

Design and Engineering Support

Our team of engineers offers a full design service for all of our systems.
From 3D product design, stress analysis and engineering, through to training, on-site testing and installation support - our clients can ensure the very best solution to their application.

Quality Assurance

With the objective of providing total customer satisfaction, CPV maintains an effective and efficient total quality management system which complies with BS EN ISO 9001. This system is continually reviewed for effectiveness and continual improvement – feedback from which is helping shape company objectives.

The Environment

At CPV, we strive to minimise our organisation’s impact on the natural environment. All of our waste materials are reprocessed and reused as second-grade raw materials in the manufacture of plastic products. In addition to this, we have been carefully managing the 85-acre site that accommodates our production facility and headquarters – having recently planted 20 acres of mixed woodland to encourage wildlife. It is also our aim to generate our on-site energy requirements from sustainable sources in the coming years – further reducing our carbon emissions.

CPV Timeline

Early development of thermoplastic pipe manufacture - Polythene pipes and vessels manufactured by rotary casting

The Kenset system of flanged pipe and fitings introduced

CPV Group emerges with diversification into Tungsten Carbide products through Dymet Alloys Ltd

Introduction of low density polyethylene (LDPE) pipe system for laboratory drainage

CPV production plant opens in South Africa

High-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipes and
fitings range introduced

Polypropylene (PP) pipes and fitings range introduced for laboratory and chemical drainage

CPV expands, moving to larger premises at Camberley, Surrey

Introduction of FLOWAY roof drainage system

CPV expands again, moving to larger premises at Downton, Wiltshire

CPV Group expands in to metal hard surfacing industry through Corewire Ltd

CPV Group acquires three-acre site at Ashvale, Hampshire, the new home of Dymet Alloys and Corewire Ltd

The UK’s first range of polypropylene (PP) pressure pipe and fitings, PROPLENE-M, is introduced

CPV’s Site Installation Services division is formed

HILINE, CPV’s range of pre-insulated steel and copper pipes introduced for district heating

CPV introduces on-site extrusion servicing the Nuclear Power Industry

CPVdf range of polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) pressure pipes and fitings introduced offering previously unprecedented chemical and temperature resistance capabilities

CPV manufactures the UK’s largest ever fabricated PP tanks

CPV expands again, moving to a new production facility on a nine-acre site at Wellow, Hampshire

Launch of SUNCELL, solar heating system for swimming pools 
Introduction of Electrofusion pipejointing system

Introduction of PP and PVDF valves to compliment pressure pipe ranges

CPV celebrates its 50th Anniversary

Major investment in state-of-the-art extrusion technology for production of large diameters and wall thicknesses

Launch of the CHEMFLO range of PP and PVDF pressure pipe systems
CPV gains BS ISO 9001 accreditation

Joint venture with USA manufacturer to develop hazardous media pipes systems worldwide
Introduction of CPV-ZURN, new system for laboratory and chemical drainage

HILINE system further developed to include pre-insulated polymer pipes for process applications

CPV becomes a member of the Society of Public Health Engineers, sponsoring design and implementation of laboratory drainage systems

Purchased 75 acres of land surrounding the factory to enhance and support the local environment and wildlife
Introduction of pre-insulated, coiled PEX pipe system to the HILINE range

CPV joins the Euroheat & Power Association and UK District Energy Association, supporting the development of the UK’s district heating market

New production, warehouse and training facilities constructed on the Wellow site.
CPV Joins the Combined Heat and Power Association (CHPA)

New Hiline Flex Pre-insulated PE-Xa pipe system launched for district heating applications.

Hiline GRE pre-insulated composite pipe system launched